“Three black teenagers” Google search has raised questions of racism

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 4 years ago

An 18 year old student revealed the different Google search results for “Three black teenagers” and “three white teenagers.”

Kabir Alli, a senior at Clover Hill High School in Virginia, posted a twitter video on Tuesday of himself searching Google Images for “three black teenagers”. His tweet has been retweeted almost 65,000 times with the hashtag #threeblackteenagers.

“I had actually heard about this search from one of my friends and just wanted to see everything for myself. I didn’t think it would actually be true,” said Alli in an interview with USA TODAY. “When I saw the results I was nothing short of shocked.”

The result that came back to him on Google Images was photographs of mugshots containing young black men and women.

Alli also conducted a search for “three white teenagers.” The results came back with young white men and women smiling together.

“I understand it’s all just an algorithm based on most visited pages but Google should be able to have more control over something like that,” responded Alli to the search results.

The search has raised major questions about the issue of race and racial bias in media in the United States of America. The conversation is relevant especially in light of the recent Brock Turner Stanford University rape case.

American media used photos of Turner, who was convicted of rape and penetration of an unconscious and intoxicated person with a foreign object, from his high school yearbook as opposed to his police mugshot.