Tinder partners with Foursquare and Mapbox towards location-tracking

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago


Spanish-language publication RealDroidES has published screenshots of the Places test, in addition to its possible methods of use. The new feature has apparent functionality similar to the dating app Happn in that users may view places visited and then see other people who have been there. The company has partnered with Mapbox for mapping and Foursquare to populate places for users. Accordingly, users can identify places from potential matches.

Tinder currently uses locations to match people within a certain mile radius, complemented by the new potential upgrade for the location-tracking feature.

As announced in February 2018, Tinder has also said before that its plans around location had the potential to bring in “a new audience,” as they “expand the definition of dating.” The previous and current statements reveal the company’s strategy in which Tinder could be used to simply help people make new connections, including those that may only turn into friendships, not dates.

Alternately, other dating apps have leveraged users’ location for “missed connections” type features, as with the app Happn. Match Group’s own namesake app, Match.com, even rolled out its own take on missed connections back in January 2017. With Tinder’s new promising app features, the company has the potential to supersede Facebook’s dating app launch.