Turn your tv into a giant touchscreen with this new device

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 2 years ago

Microsoft has announced a cool new touchscreen that is wall-mounted called  Surface Hub 2, which is set to launch next year. While it looks interesting, there is one key detail missing: the price of this new toy. If you’re wondering why the price is still unknown, it may be because the first model ranged from $9,000-$22,000. If you’d rather not spend that kind of dough, there are other devices on the market, such as the TouchJet WAVE virtual Touchscreen. It is compatible with any TV up to 65 inches, and is currently on sale at Amazon. This device will turn your TV into a fully-functional Android-powered touchscreen. Here are some more details of the WAVE at a glance, according to BGR.com

-Please refer to the user manual for setup instructions. If there are issues, please contact Touchjet Customer Service at 415-579-3399 for assistance.

-Virtual Touchscreen – Touchjet WAVE adds a virtual touchscreen onto flat screen TVs and display monitors up to 65″ (smart TV is not required).

-Simple Connection – Simply attach the WAVE to the top of your TV and plug the WAVE into your TV via HDMI.

-Giant Tablet – The WAVE is preloaded with the Android OS, Wi-Fi and it comes preloaded with apps so that you can start enjoying right out of the box.

-Work View / Class Time – Flip through your presentation directly on the big screen just like John King on cnn.

-Streaming – Stream your favorite shows and movies on Netflix or your favorite streaming app without having to connect to other devices.

-Support – Please download the Touchjet App onto your smart device (iOS and Android) for step-by-step instructions.

Connect, Collaborate, and Share – With WAVE, bring presentation and education apps, and connect individual tablets to the big touchscreen. An affordable alternative to IWB and giant tablets.