Twitch streamers can now react with GIFs

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

Amazon-owned game streaming service Twitch launches a Giphy extension for Twitch streamers that will allow viewers to react in real-time using GIFs during a broadcast.

Twitch’s has the initiative to allow users to use GIFs, resulting in more engaging and entertaining streams and retain viewers for longer periods of time.

Twitch extensions were first introduced last year. Recently, Twitch added support for running multiple extensions at once, which encourages more developers to sample the Giphy extension without having forgoing favorite overlays.

To use the new extension, the streamer will first configure which part of the screen area will be used to display the GIFs viewers post. Once the extension is activated, viewers will be able to access it during a broadcast via a Giphy icon and the search terms they enter into the message bar.

Twitch is not the first game streaming site to experiment with GIF reactions. As noted by TechCrunch, the newer site Caffeine had this as a feature, too, but pulled it before launch because they found it could be used for harassment. Twitch and Giphy are hoping to not make the same mistake by curating the catalog of GIFs that can be shared.

According to Twitch, Giphy’s content is moderated to remove those GIFs that are “overtly offense” to any race, gender, ethnicity or community. It is also limiting GIFs to those with a PG rating and below, which will prohibit users from posting GIFs with violence, sexual references, and other lewd terms, it says.