US jury orders Samsung to pay $400M in FinFet patent lawsuit

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

Samsung has been court-ordered to pay $400 million to FinFet, the licensing arm of a South Korean university for infringing a patent related to semiconductor technology.

FinFet is a key technology in the production of processors for mobile phones. The transistor component that controls whether current flows through that channel, called the gate, is in effect draped across the fin.

On Friday, a federal jury in Texas found in favor of KAIST IP US, LLC after finding the Korean electronics giant infringed on a US patent related to FinFet, according to Bloomberg.

GlobalFoundries and Qualcomm were also found to have infringed on the patent but reportedly weren’t ordered to pay damages.

Samsung, the world’s largest chipmaker, said during the trial it helped the university develop the technology and denied infringing on the patent.

The jury found Samsung’s infringement to be “willful,” meaning the judge could increase the damages award to three times the jury’s award.

Samsung said in a statement, “We will consider all options to obtain an outcome that is reasonable, including an appeal.”

In May, Samsung explained that its last generation of chips to use the technology would be a 4-nanometer process that will shrink electronics another notch and boost performance.