Walmart partners with Microsoft to compete against Amazon

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 2 years ago

While the country is losing its minds with Prime Day deals, Walmart and Microsoft are putting together their own collaboration, according to a report by Gizmodo. The two companies have announced a five-year partnership that will compete with Jeff Bezo’s Amazon conglomerate.

The deal includes the use of Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology. The platform will be adapted for Walmart and help to enhance the company’s forecasting, purchasing, and data-sharing capabilities. This is an attempt by Walmart to gain some of the 49 percent e-commerce market share that Amazon holds.

Walmart has been working on its own cloud-based system for several years, but the Microsoft technology adoption puts it one step closer to unseating the retail giant that Amazon is. Walmart hopes the new AI and machine-learning advancements will make deliveries more efficient and cut costs on expanding its online operations. Walmart currently offers grocery pickup, smart home technology installation, and online order purchasing.

Walmart has also partnered with Microsoft in the development of its new cashier free stores. This is designed to compete with the Amazon Go stores and was not part of the new announcement between the two companies.

The deal between Walmart and Microsoft is expected to lead to further collaboration between the two companies as Walmart looks to compete heavily with Amazon in all aspects of its online shopping experience.