Which states have the fastest and slowest Internet speeds? The winners are…

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 5 years ago
For those who have wondered which states have the fastest and slowest Internet speeds, here are the answers, reports Savingadvice.com.
The winners are Virginia, having the fastest Internet speeds in the U.S., at 13.7 Mbps; and Alaska, having the slowest average Internet speeds, 7.0 Mbps.
True Internet speed is not an exact science. The true Internet speed for a consumer depends on factors including the exact location of the house where the service is being used, the broadband provider, the health of your computer, the amount of computer memory, the programs that are running, add-on programs, spyware and viruses. 
Akamai Technologies, a leading provider of cloud services, details the average Internet speed of every state in the U.S. in its “State of the Internet” report (PDF). Integrated communications service provider Broadview Networks used the Akamai statistics to create a color spectrum map showing Internet speeds by state.

Following Virginia is Delaware, at 13.1 Mbps; Massachusetts, 13.1 Mbps; Rhode Island, 12.9 Mbps; Washington, D.C., 12.8 Mbps; Washington, 12.5 Mbps; New Hampshire, 12.3 Mbps; Utah, 12.1 Mbps; Michigan, 11.8 Mbps; and Connecticut, 11.7 Mbps.

Rounding out the bottom 10 slowest Internet speed states are Idaho at 7.7 Mbps; Louisiana, 7.7 Mbps; Missouri, 7.7 Mbps; New Mexico, 7.6 Mbps; Mississippi, 7.6 Mbps; West Virginia, 7.5 Mbps; Montana, 7.3 Mbps; Kentucky, 7.3 Mbps; Arkansas, 7.3 Mbps; and Alaska, 7.0 Mbps.

California, birthplace of high tech industry, came in No. 20 in average Internet speed, at 10.9 Mbps. The large state has many rural areas that reduced the average state speed.

North Carolina and South Carolina both came in at 9.7 Mbps.–no bragging rights there.  Texas, at 9.4 Mbps, bested Oklahoma, 8.9 Mbps.

It may come as a surprise that compared to the United States, consumers in South Korea have an average Internet speed of 23.6 Mbps– a speed that not even Virginia can touch.