Windows 10 upgrade released today with access limitations for some users

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

Microsoft releases the April 2018 update today, with initiatives to reconstruct the widespread ease of use within the software for consumers and fewer interruptions.

Conversely, global users will experience a decelerated launch of the Windows 10 update. Millions of Windows users will not experience the new features for several weeks, based on their demographics.

Microsoft explains that the reduced time of full global launch ensures a horizontal, effortless upgrade process, providing the company time to check for bugs before an official download of the software improvement.

New features such as Focus Assists are bundled with the update which will block all notifications while users operate the software alongside changes to the Edge browser which are intended to improve the user experience.

Edge now includes a new audio icon to mute and unmute a tab that is playing sound. In addition, improvements have been implemented towards reading documents on the web and a cleaner format when printing.

New features coming to Windows 10 includes Timeline which enables users to go into past events involving software usage up to 30 days to retrieve files and documents.

Dictation with Microsoft has been upgraded further support note taking or paper writing tasks, with the exclusive use of a user’s voice.

Update processing timeframes have been immensely reduced, allowing users to update features without hours of installation required. According to Microsoft, the April 2018 update only requires 30 minutes in comparison to the 82 minute update time of the Creators release and the 51 minutes offline update time of the Fall Creators update.

Various reports estimate a full global launch of each feature by May 8th, although Microsoft has not released official dates for the completed launch of features to be fulfilled.