Xbox is losing the video game console war: report

Avatar By Neil Raymond | 1 year ago

Microsoft’s Xbox One video game console is being significantly outsold by Sony’s PlayStation 4, according to By how much? So far this year, 73 million PlayStation 4 consoles were sold, compared to 30 Million Xbox One consoles, according to Variety. This is a very large difference, and solidifies Sony as the premier brand for video game consoles.

It should be noted that Microsoft has released an official statement to Variety, in which they denied the accuracy of the number of Xbox One units that were reportedly sold. Video game publishers however report that the Xbox One is indeed trailing the PlayStation 4 by a significantly large margin.

Despite their claims of inaccurately reported numbers, Microsoft has been busy trying to improve the Xbox One user experience. One of their ideas is making the Xbox One more “backward compatible”, as in allowing the user to play video game titles published for older Xbox consoles. They are also introducing a revolutionary new feature: the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

It is a first of its kind controller that will allow users with disabilities to play Xbox One games without the obstacles that they faced in the past. It’s an impressive and inclusive new concept, however it will remain to be seen whether Microsoft has done enough to turn the tide in their “war” with Sony.