Yahoo reveals record number of account hacking two years later

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 4 years ago

Yahoo may be one of the most unlucky companies in history. The company was believed to be on the rise to become the most valuable countries by the turn of the millennium. But its decline has become quite remarkable.

However, revealing that in 2014 the accounts of more than 500 million people, a record number, were hacked may spell doom for the tech giants. It has taken two years for them to reveal this information further putting them in jeopardy.

They believe if they had shown to be victims of the biggest hack in history, no company would be willing to buy them. With Verizon, $4.5 Billion acquisition already sealed the company must be feeling deceived at the moment.

A hacker was known as “Peace” Put up 200 million Yahoo account info online for sale a few weeks ago. This led the company to admit to the hacking from almost two years ago. “Yahoo is likely to come under intense scrutiny from regulators, the media and public and rightly so. Corporations can’t shy away from data breaches, and they must hold their hands up and show that they are committed to resolving the problem,” said Dave Lee from BBC. “Let’s hope the ink is dry on the contract with Verizon.”

At the turn of the century, Google was offered to Yahoo for $3 billion, but Yahoo declined to make the purchase. In 2008 Microsoft offered to buy the company for $44 billion, but Yahoo rejected the offer. In 2016 Verizon bought Yahoo for $4 billion. They did this just to get Yahoo’s one billion users and not to get the company back to its feet.