YouTube ‘Take a Break’ feature enabled for Android devices

Avatar By Le Williams | 3 years ago

At Google IO 2018, Youtube announced a Wellbeing initiative to increase a user’s understanding in regards to their digital habits and decrease device addiction. The search giant is also a part of the initiative, under which users will be able to schedule custom breaks to step away from their online activities for a while. Notably, a new version of the YouTube for Android app is now being released with a new ‘Take a Break’ feature to parallel the Wellbeing strategy.

The video streaming platform’s Take a Break feature is available on the mobile app Setting screen. Users can set a reminder to appear every 15, 30, 60, 90, or 180 minutes. Once a user selects an option, YouTube will pause the videos at those intervals. The user can then choose either to dismiss the reminder to continue watching or close the app. Additionally, the setting is optional and switched off by default.

Inversely, there are two new features in the upgraded YouTube notifications menu. One of the options called ‘Disable sounds & vibrations’ will allow users to disable all notification sounds from the YouTube for Android app for a particular amount of time. The other new feature is called ‘Scheduled Digest’ that lets users receive all of their notification once a day at a particular time.

The Take a Break and other notification features are available in the latest version (13.17.55) of the YouTube app. The Take a Break feature can be accessed by going to Settings > General, and the notifications feature is available at Settings > Notifications.

With Android P, Google is planning to reveal numerous features under the Digital Wellbeing initiative.