Zipline set to launch a second production of drone delivery service

Avatar By Le Williams | 3 years ago

As the dialogue continues surrounding the advantages of unmanned devices and vehicles changing our daily existence in the U.S., these feats within technology are already occurring in the African nation of Rwanda. The U.S. startup Zipline has combined innovative strategies with the government of Rwanda, releasing the first and only commercial drone delivery service known to the world since December 2016.

With an incredible record of success towards saving thousands of lives by delivering life-saving blood products via drone technology and eliminating hours of dangerous road travel in a developing country, Zipline is launching a binary generation of drones in the United States.

At its test site, west of Central Valley in California, the worlds only drone delivery company has made advancements in the production of a second delivery vehicle. Traveling close to 80 mph, this new drone will be able to execute 500 flights per day, delivering twice as many blood supplies and vaccines compared to its first generation of equipment.

Major retailers, such as Walmart and Amazon, have experimented with delivery drones, with no evidence of being able to implement this technology at this time. However, Zipline has more than a year of substantial achievements with its flying technology, with plans to expand into Tanzania.

The Federal Aviation Administration has been vigilant and guarded towards the approval of distribution business by way of drone aircraft. Nonetheless, with the approvals and proven accomplishments in two other nations, the ability for Zipline to procure drone delivery operations in the U.S. appears to be promising and optimistic.